Peer Liaisons

Jonathan Roig (ES ‘18) : Head Peer Liaison 

Jonathan is a rising junior in Ezra Stiles College, potentially majoring in Astrophysics. Jonathan’s main involvement with La Casa was on the staff as a Freshman Liaison his first year; he is now happy to be a Peer Liaison for La Casa. Outside of physics and La Casa, Jonathan is greatly involved with music at Yale. He is currently principal percussionist of the Yale Concert Band, section leader of KBB (Kappa Banga Banga, the percussion “fraternity” of the Yale Precision Marching Band), a baritone in the Yale Russian Chorus, and a percussionist with the Opera Theater at Yale College. Jonathan also participated in STARS I throughout his freshman year.

Jose Lopez (SM ‘18)

What’s good, Class of 2020? My name is José Yobani López and I am a junior in Silliman College majoring in chemistry and participating in the Education Studies Scholars program. While I was born and raised in the Westlake area of Los Angeles, California, my parents are both from México. True to its name, the La Casa community has given me a home on campus for the past two years and I am excited to make you feel welcome in this space and, more generally, at Yale. Outside of being a Peer Liaison, I am involved with the Public School Intern program, which gives me the opportunity to work at John S. Martinez School. Additionally, I spend some of my happiest hours on campus performing with Ballet Folklórico Mexicano de Yale; check us out sometime! (I’ll be co-artistic director this year!) The past two summers I’ve performed research in computational chemistry at UCLA and worked with the Tec de Monterrey in sustainable development projects, respectively. Don’t be afraid to hit me up about anything, I’m always happy to answer a question and down to have a good talk. I’m stoked to meet you all, and once again welcome!

Lauren Davila (CC ‘18)

Welcome Class of 2020! My name is Lauren Davila and I am a junior in Calhoun College majoring in Political Science. I am Latina of Puerto Rican descent, born in the Bronx and raised in Rockland County, NY. I currently serve as Co-Founder and President of Latina Women at Yale (LWAY), the only women’s group affiliated with the La Casa Cultural Center. Outside of La Casa, I have served as legislative captain for the Yale College Democrats to advance efforts to end sexual assault on college campuses. Additionally, I have served as an executive member of Yale’s Hunger and Homelessness Action Project, with a focus on youth homelessness in New Haven.

This summer I traveled to Israel with the Peace and Leadership Dialogue Initiative to study peace negotiation efforts currently underway between Palestine and Israeli. Subsequently, I took a course on the Socio-Economic and Political History of Modern Spain at the University of León as part of the Summer Institute of Hispanic Studies.

I am incredibly excited to meet you all and please know I am always here to help you throughout your first year in whatever way I can! La Casa has been my home for the past two years and I look forward to welcoming you into the community!

Eddie Joe Antonio (JE ‘19)

Hey! My name is Eddie Joe Antonio, and I’m a sophomore in Jonathan Edwards. A prospective architecture major, I am from Brooklyn NYC and of Puerto Rican and mixed European descent. At school, I am on the board of Yale’s Urban Improvement Corps education group, participate in Despierta Boricua–the Puerto Rican students association–and play trumpet in a number of different bands. In my spare time I love to cook, ride my bike, and explore neighborhoods. I am so excited to meet you all, saludos!

Lily Marmolejo (MC ’19)

My name is Lily Marmolejo and I am a rising sophomore in Morse College from Southern California. I am currently undeclared but leaning towards studying Economics/Mathematics and Education Studies. This summer I am working at a neuroscience lab at Yale that investigates how brain chemistry and financial decision making changes over time with age.  Beyond being a PL, I am the current publicity and social media chair of LWAY (Latina Women at Yale). I also play on the C2 soccer team, work at the Morse buttery, and tutor inmates to help them pass the GED through the organization Yale Undergraduate Prison Project. 

Miguel Paredes (BK ‘17)

Hi everyone! My name is Miguel Paredes and I’m a senior in Berkeley College. I was born Cali, Colombia and currently live in sunny Pembroke Pines, FL (by Fort Lauderdale for those not from the area). I’m a Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry (MB&B) major as well as a candidate for a Masters in Public Health at the Yale School of Public Health through the 5-year program. I’m spending my summer in Washington D.C. researching HIV/AIDS health policy affecting queer communities of color. I’m super involved with the sciences here at Yale and have been conducting molecular neurobiology research at the Yale School of Medicine since the first semester of my freshman year. I was also the Co-President of Sabrosura, Yale’s Latin dance team where we help spread cultural awareness around campus and New Haven by shaking our hips, unapologetically.

Although, to be quite honest. I really spend most my of my time hanging out at La Casa, laughing in the gallery, and chilling (read: napping) on the couch.  I’m really looking forward to meeting all of you! If you have any questions about STEM, Pre-Med, dancing, studying abroad/time off (I went to China for 8 months), La Casa, or where to find the best arepas on campus (or anything really even if it’s just to talk) please feel free to contact me. Can’t wait to meet you all and bienvenidos!

Israel Tovar (ES ’17)

Hello everyone! My name is Israel Tovar, and I am a senior in the best residential college at Yale: Ezra Stiles College! I am an Education Studies Scholar studying Ethnicity, Race, and Migration. I am originally from Tijuana, MX, and I also lived in Los Angeles for eight years before moving to Nashville, TN. Outside of the classroom, I have been heavily involved with La Casa as a Freshman Liaison, Peer Liaison, Co-Head Delegate for the Latinx Ivy League Conference, and as an active member of MEChA—a social justice organization. I have also studied abroad in the United Kingdom, Argentina, Senegal, and Vietnam, and this summer, I am interning with the New York State Education Department. As for my personality, I am very energetic and caring, so I usually hug everyone and they momma when I see them.That said, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have ANY questions or concerns about life at Yale. I look forward to welcoming you all on campus!

Ale Estrada (ES ‘18)

Howdy hey! My name is Ale Estrada and I am a rising junior in Ezra Stiles College (GFM!). I’m planning to major in psychology with a concentration in emotional and behavioral psychology. I am originally from Lubbock, Texas and have spent this summer working in three different Research Assistant positions: I work with the Medical School’s Alzheimer’s Disease Research Unit, in a Social Gerontology and Health Lab, and with the Yale College Dean’s Office to create an Inclusivity/Diversity Curriculum for the Yale Administration. During the school year, I work in different psych labs, am a volunteer teacher with Splash and Sprout at Yale, am a speaker coordinator for TEDxYale, am the Graduate Student Liaison for LWAY (Latina Women at Yale), and served on La Casa staff as both a Freshman Liaison and Student Coordinator. Outside of academics, my passions include: art (painting, in particular), napping, mindfulness and well-being, and hedgehogs :)

Please feel free to talk to me about anything and/or address me with any of your questions; I’d love nothing more than to help you out with anything you may need! I’m looking forward to meeting you all and to having a wonderful year!

Ale Sofía Padín-Dujon (DC ‘18)

¡Hola, mi gente! My name is Ale Sofía, and I’m a rising junior in Davenport College majoring in Math & Philosophy and Modern Middle East Studies. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, I am a proud Afro-Caribbean of mixed Boricua (Puerto Rican) and West Indian descent. When I’m not devouring postcolonial theory or chatting with friends in the dining hall about Spinozistic theology, Arabic grammar, and British imperial art, I’m writing feverishly for DOWN Magazine—Yale’s only publication by and for students of color, where I’m the new Editor-in-Chief. (Check us out! Shameless plug!) I serve on the Student Advisory Board for the new Center for the Study of Race, Indigeneity, and Transnational Migration (RITM), and on the Despierta Boricua E-Board. I’m also a Spanish-language medical interpreter at the HAVEN Free Clinic in Fair Haven, an Arabic tutor at the Center for Language Study, a Human Rights Scholar, and a Director’s Fellow at the Institute for Social and Policy Studies (ISPS). Look for me dancing around campus with my earbuds in to reggaeton, zouk, and dancehall. We’re family now. I’m never too busy for coffee, Insomnia cookies, or just a good chat!

Cathy Calderón (ES ‘17)

Hello! Cathy here. Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. Senior (woah). Ethnicity, Race, and Migration major (<3). Studied abroad in Bali and Java, Indonesia for the spring 2016 semester (study abroad highly encouraged!). Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow studying danza - aztec dancing as done by Danza Mexica Cuauhtémoc (a group I joined as a child and dance with to this day). And this is round two of peer liaisoning for me! (sophomore year was my first, loved it so much, had to come back).

I was heavily involved with MEChA on campus during my freshie and sophomore years - served as Community Action Chair and ran the Sueños Scholarship for Undocumented Students. As I mentioned, I was a peer liaison my sophomore year and I also served as an undergraduate representative for the La Casa Dean Search Committee that spring semester (2015). Last fall (2015), I worked in the Ezra Stiles Buttery (mhm, I’m a moose) and I worked at the Yale reunions at the end of both my freshie and sophomore years (incase you’re interested in such work opportunities).

These are some basics about my involvement at Yale thus far, I am happy to talk about any of these experiences and those that I have yet to share! Excited to learn from the incoming class and serve the La Casa community and all cultural centers once more.