Anti-Racist Resources

This is an evolving list of anti-racist resources and resources on Afro-Latinidad and other related topics. Stay tuned for more!


Radio Caña Negra: “We talk, share, laugh, heal, learn about issues related to Black people from Latin America.”

Creators to Follow:

@SoyciguapaSpanish-language resource answering questions relating to pertaining to colonialism, race & ethnicity, and other socio-political topics.

@MigrantScribbleAlan Pelaez Lopez is an AfroIndigenous poet, installation and adornment artist from the coastal Zapotec community of Oaxaca, México. Pelaez Lopez has been building with undocumented queer and trans migrants for ten years and is currently on the steering committee of the Black LGBTQIA+ Migrant Project housed under the Transgender Law Center.


Black Latinas Know Collective: a collective of Black Latina scholars, producers of innovative and important intellectual contributions to the intersectional study of race within Latinidad and Blackness.