Student Group Leaders


Note: the majority of Yale emails are formed as follows or

Group Leaders
BF: Ballet Folklorico Mexicano de Yale
Nadia Balderas, Co-President, Primary Contact
Alfredo Calvo, Co-President, Primary Contact
Emily Slaughter, Treasurer, Secondary Contact
Nathan Nunez, Assistant Treasurer, Secondary Contact
Alejandro Nuno, Secretary, Tertiary Contact
Esther Reyes, Wardrobe Manager, General Contact
Beatriz Rios, Wardrobe Manager, General Contact
Delfina González, Artistic Director, General Contact
Krista Naomi Arellano, Artistic Director, General Contact
Veronica Sosa, Artistic Director, General Contact
Diana Saavedra, Social Chair, General Contact
Esmeralda Lugo, Publicity Manager, General Contact
Brazil Club at Yale
Eduardo Leal, Co-president, Primary Contact
Maria Eduarda Santana, Co-president, Primary Contact
Maria Saadi, Communications, Secondary Contact 
Michael Borger, Outreach/political chair, Secondary Contact 
André Garcia, Yale Dream/project coordinator, Secondary Contact
Aline Ko, Treasurer, Secondary Contact
CAUSA: Cuban-American Undergraduate Student Association Gabriela Esnaola, President
Diego Fernandez-Pages, Vice-President/Treasurer
Nataly Moreno-Martinez, Secretary
Club of Argentine Students at Yale
Valentina Wakeman, President
Emma Garcia Canga, President
Sofia Gonzalez Zapata, Vice President
Mateo Beccar Varela, Treasurer
Camila Toro, Communications Officer
Club Colombia
Camila Toro , Co-President, Primary Contact 
Héctor Hernández, Co-President, Primary Contact 
Kimberly Cruz , Treasurer, Secondary Contact
De Colores
Brandon Lopez, President, Primary Contact
Connor Duwan, Treasurer, Secondary Contact
Jeniffer Bañuelos, Social Chair, Tertiary Contact
DB: Despierta Boricua, the Puerto Rican Student Organization at Yale
Alejandro Comas-Short, Co-President, Primary Contact
Emma Pred-Sosa, Co-President, Primary Contact
Ashlynn Torres, Treasurer, Secondary Contact
Delia Berka, Yale Outreach Coordinator, Secondary Contact
Jonathan Palacios, New Haven Outreach Coordinator, Secondary Contact
Coral Ortiz, New Haven Outreach Coordinator, Secondary Contact
Darrell Pona, Communications Officer, Tertiary Contact
Saphia Suarez, Communications Officer, Tertiary Contact
Camila Vardar, Communications Officer, Tertiary Contact
DSA: Yale Dominican Student Association
Brian Reyes, President, Primary Contact
Gianna Baez, President, Primary Contact
Seila De Leon, Treasurer, Secondary Contact
Nico Moscoso, Communications Officer, Secondary Contact
LUL: La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc.
Nathan Nuñez, President, Primary Contact
Jaden Morales, Vice President, Primary Contact
Jesus Contreras Magana, Treasurer, Secondary Contact
Christopher Vargas, Secretary, Secondary Contact
Russell Cisney-Stackhouse, Parliamentarian, Tertiary Contact
Alejandro Nuño, Social Media Leader, Tertiary Contact
LWAY: Latina Women at Yale
Sydney Babiak, Co-President, Primary Contact
Carolina Carillo, Co-President, Primary Contact
Jennifer Santiago, Treasurer, Secondary Contact
Krista Arellano, Secretary, Secondary Contact
Karina Di Franco, Undergraduate Membership Chair, Tertiary Contact
Stephanie Malta, Social Media Director, Tertiary Contact
Stephany Palaguachi, Campus and Community Director, General Contact
Jeniffer Banuelos & Alondra Vazquez Lopez, Members at Large, General Contact
MEChA: Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan de Yale
Fernando Torres, Co-Moderator, Primary Contact
Emily Almendarez, Co-Moderator, Primary Contact
Sydney Babiak, Treasurer, Secondary Contact
Henry Rosas, Community Action Chair, Tertiary Contact
¡Oye! Spoken Word
Ale Canales, President, Primary Contact 
Esul Burton, Artistic Director, Primary Contact
Janine Comrie, Treasurer, Secondary Contact (wont’ be included in most emails)
Joseph Gaylin, Social Chair, Secondary Contact (wont’ be included in most emails)
Carly Gove, Swag Coordinator, Secondary Contact (wont’ be included in most emails)
REO: Organization for Racial and Ethnic Openness Peter Chung, President
Chase Reeves, Treasurer
Sabrosura: Yale’s Undergraduate Premiere Latin Dance Team
Darrell Pona, Co-president, Primary Contact 
Crystal Nieves Garcia, Co-president, Primary Contact 
Ines Ozonas, Treasurer, Secondary Contact 
Marianne Ayala, Co-Dance Team Manager, Secondary Contact  
Pablo Pinedo, Co-Dance Team Manager, Secondary Contact  
John McKissack, Communications Chair, Tertiary Contact 
Victoria Solomon, Social Chair, Tertiary Contact
Pablo Suarez, Alumni Network Chair, Tertiary Contact
Sube: Yale Latinx Business and Leadership Student Association
Jovan Tafoya, Co-President, Primary Contact
Jonathan Trujillo, Co-President, Primary Contact
Pablo Pinedo, Chief Operations Officer, Primary Contact
Christina Neiva de Figueiredo, Chief of Leadership and Professional Development, Secondary Contact
Stephanie Fernandez, Chief of Alumni Relations, Secondary Contact
Victoria Bonano, Chief of Community Outreach, Tertiary Contact
Armando Herreria, Chief of Speaker Series, Tertiary Contact
Mateo Beccar Varela, Chief Financial Officer, Tertiary Contact