Student Group Leaders


Note: the majority of Yale emails are formed as follows or

Group Leaders
BF: Ballet Folklorico Mexicano de Yale
Krista Naomi Arellano, President, Primary Contact
Emily Slaughter, President, Primary Contact
Luis Leon Medina, Treasurer, Primary Contact
Esther Reyes, Co-Wardrobe Manager, General Contact
Emily Guzman, Co-Wardrobe Manager, General Contact
Vanessa Strait Constandse, Co-Artistic Director, General Contact
Arianna Jiron Villanueva, Co-Artistic Director, General Contact
Victor Torres,  Co-Artistic Director, General Contact
Pilar Forrest, Co-Publicity Manager, General Contact
Lucy Duran, Co-Publicity Manager, General Contact
Rogelio Arriaga, Secretary, Secondary Contact
Henry Rosas, Co-Social Chair, General Contact
Eddy Tzintzun, Co-Social Chair, General Contact
BCY: Brazil Club at Yale
Jenny Lee, Co-President, Primary Contact 
Bernardo Eilert Trevisan, Co-President, Primary Contact
Aline Ko, Treasurer, Secondary Contact
Eduardo Custodio Leal, Project Coordinator, Secondary Contact
Fernando Alonso Bilfinger, Outreach Coordinator, Secondary Contact
CAUSA: Cuban-American Undergraduate Student Association
Gia Castillo, President, Primary Contact
Diana Ruiz, Treasurer, Primary Contact
Maria Grillo, Secretary, Secondary Contact

Club of Argentine Students at Yale

(Inactive at La Casa as of Fall 2019)

Valentina Wakeman, President
Emma Garcia Canga, President
Club Colombia
Camila Toro, Co-President, Primary Contact
Kimberly Cruz. Co-President, Primary Contact
Giancarlo Ospina, Treasurer, Secondary Contact
Elissa Prieto, Secretary, Secondary Contact
De Colores
Jeniffer Bañuelos, Co-President, Primary Contact 
Jack Fresquez, Co-President, Primary Contact 
Melissa Ahrens-Viquez, Treasurer, Secondary Contact 
Henry Rosas, New Member Coordinator, Secondary Contact 
Krista Arellano, Secretary, Tertiary Contact
Kevin Sanaycela, Events Coordinator, General Contact
DB: Despierta Boricua, the Puerto Rican Student Organization at Yale
Adriana Nicole Colón-Adorno, Co-President, Primary Contact
Delia Berka, Co-President, Primary Contact
Moises Cosme, Treasurer, Secondary Contact
Saphia Suarez, Communications Officer, Secondary Contact
Victor Torres, Communications Officer, Secondary Contact
Christian Milian, Communications Officer, Secondary Contact
DSA: Yale Dominican Student Association
Gianna Baez, Co-President, Primary Contact
Brian Reyes, Co-President, Primary Contact
Seila De Leon, Treasurer, Secondary Contact
Nico Moscoso, Communications Officer, Secondary Contact
Paola Jimenez, Creative Director, Tertiary Contact
Eric Jimenez, Outreach Director, Tertiary Contact
LUL: La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc.
Jesus Contreras Magana, President, Primary Contact
Alejandro Nuño, Vice President, Primary Contact
Marco Guzman, Treasurer, Secondary Contact
Nathan Nuñez, Secretary, Secondary Contact
LWAY: Latina Women at Yale  
MEChA: Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan de Yale
Emily Almendarez, Co-Moderator, Primary Contact
Cinthia Zavala Ramos, Co-Moderator, Primary Contact
Rogelio Arriaga, Treasurer, Secondary Contact
Jesus Lopez, Secretary and Co-Conexiones Chair, Secondary Contact 
Ricardo Aguilar, Community Action Chair, Secondary Contact
Esther Reyes, New Member Liaison, Secondary Contact
Alexandra Rocha-Alvarez, Co - Social/Publicity Chair, Secondary Contact  
Katerina Robles, Co-Conexiones Chair, Secondary Contact

¡Oye! Spoken Word

(Inactive at La Casa as of Fall 2019)

Ale Canales, President, Primary Contact 
Esul Burton, Artistic Director, Primary Contact
Sabrosura: Yale’s Undergraduate Premiere Latin Dance Team
Jason Weinstein, Co-President, Primary Contact
Andres Burgos,  Co-President, Primary Contact
Maya John, Treasurer, Secondary Contact
Crystal Nieves, Co-Dance Coordinator, Secondary Contact
Katerina Robles, Co-Dance Coordinator, Secondary Contact
Cam Aaron, Publicity Chair, Tertiary Contact
Linette Rivera, Co-Social Chair, Tertiary Contact
Julian Martin, Co-Social Chair, Tertiary Contact
SMH: Students of Mixed Heritage Jacqueline Hayre-Pérez, President, Primary Contact
Sube: Yale Latinx Business and Leadership Student Association
Jovan Tafoya, Co-President, Primary Contact
Jonathan Trujillo, Co-President, Primary Contact
Jorge Familiar Avalos, CFO, Secondary Contact
Vanessa Strait Constandse, COO, Secondary Contact
Alec Bernal, Chief of Professional Development, Tertiary Contact
Luis Leon Medina, Chief of Speakers, Tertiary Contact
Isaiah Martinez, Chief of Marketing, Tertiary Contact
Carla Sanchez-Noya, Chief Relations Officer, Tertiary Contact