La Casa Merchandise

All proceeds from merchandise sales support La Casa’s efforts for student development, support, and more.



Current Yale undergraduate, graduate, and professional students*

(Order & Pick up order at La Casa, no online option at this time)

Alumni/Non-students: no online option at this time

(Order and/or pick up order at La Casa; Shipping is only available for purchases of $10 or more and costs an additional 10% of the total cost)

“Yale Latina/o/x” Shirts



“Yale Feminista” Hat



“Yale Latina/o” Bracelets



*Current students can only order and purchase orders at La Casa at this time. Current students purchasing items for their non-students should order their merchandise through the “non-student” option so that the full proceeds go towards our efforts that directly benefit our current students. You can still pick up the order at La Casa.

Processing & Pick-up/Delivery

Once our staff received confirmation of your payment, we will contact you to confirm your order and give you information on pick up or delivery.

  • Pick-up orders: Those who have selected “pick up at La Casa” option will be able to show their confirmation of payment email at La Casa to receive their merchandise.
  • Mailed orders: Orders must be a minimum of $10 and shipping costs an additional 10% of the total cost. 

If there are any questions about your order, please contact

Update: Online orders are not possible at this time. We will update everyone if/when these become an available option, again. We apologize for the inconvenience.