Yale Latinx Alumni Prize Information

Established May 2002

Prize Description: Latinx students at Yale have given their hard work and their hearts to the Latinx community on campus since they were first admitted to the University. Some members of the class of 2002 felt that this hard work and dedication deserved to be not only acknowledged, but also honored and rewarded. In the hopes of making that desire a reality these alumni have come together to create and raise money for the first annual Latinx Alumni Prize. This prize is designed to honor two Latinx graduating seniors who have shown an outstanding commitment to the Latinx community at Yale while maintaining a high level of academic excellence during their time as undergraduates at the University.

Past Honorees

  • 2019: Fernando Torres, Sonny Stephens
  • 2018: Viviana Arroyo, Alejandra Trujillo-Elizalde
  • 2012: Diandra Fermin, Alma Zepeda
  • 2011: Nicole De Paz, Sonia Parra
  • 2010: Damien Abreu, Mayra Macias
  • 2009: Jarrad Aguirre, Ben Gonzalez
  • 2008: Melissa Campos, Robert Sanchez
  • 2007: Yalina Disla, Marisol Leon
  • 2006: Crissaris Sarnelli, Adam Torres
  • 2005: Julie Gonzalez, Christina Sanchez
  • 2004: Laura Hurtado, Ana de Santiago
  • 2003: Ezra Vazquez-D’Amico, Amy Diaz-Infante