Graduate & Professional Student Groups

Graduate & Professional students are an important part of our community—a vital resource as well as a huge source of pride. The Latino Cultural Center exists to support all undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students as they make their way through Yale.

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Latinx Graduate Student Groups

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Latinx Graduate Student Network The goal of the Latinx Graduate Student Network is to bring together our diverse communities across graduate and professional schools in order to create a space where we can build community, build social and intellectual relationships, and build mutual support while representing the interests of Latinx students.

El Colectivo El Colectivo is Yale School of Drama’s pan-Latinx and Latin American affinity group. A collectively organized ensemble, El Colectivo is a dedicated space where Latinx, Latin American, and allied YSD members can engage Latinidad through each other, dramatic works featuring these voices and experiences, and community building across Yale, New Haven, and the theater field at large.

Office for Graduate Student Development and Diversity (OGSDD) The Office for Graduate Student Development and Diversity (OGSDD) is firmly committed to building a supportive community in which graduate students from underrepresented backgrounds are empowered in their intellectual pursuits and professional goals. OGSDD was established with the knowledge that diversity among graduate students enhances the life of the entire scholarly community at Yale. OGSDD and the Graduate School recognize that a diverse student body is essential if the academy is to remain an engaged and relevant institution within its contemporary society. This office provides both thematic programming and individual advising for students across the disciplines as they move through their degree programs at Yale; this in turn creates a supportive community as well as essential opportunities for academic growth. Prospective applicants and current students are equally encouraged to visit or contact the office to learn more about the resources and mentoring that it provides.

Yale Law School – Latinx Law Students Association (LLSA)

The Latinx Law Student Association (LLSA) LLSA is dedicated to facilitating growth, community-building, and professional and academic development for all our members. In service of these broad goals, LLSA designs programming intended to provide opportunities to meet Latinx practitioners, activists, members of public service, academics, and others; to connect with our alumni network; and to create a political and cultural footprint at Yale Law School. LLSA strives to cultivate a culture of inclusion to help build a community of scholars, practitioners, and agents of change. LLSA seeks, first and foremost, to construct a space of engagement and a platform from which our members maylaunch successful careers with impact.

The Yale School of Management


Latin Leadership Association (LLA) The goal of the Latino Leadership Association (LLA) at the Yale School of Management (SOM) is to promote Latinx leadership for business and society. LLA seeks to harvest potential synergies with external groups in an effort to benefit both its membership and other organizations: collaborating with the National Society of Hispanic MBAs, building stronger relationships with Hispanic SOM Alumni, networking with corporate recruiters who are interested in Latinx MBAs, and increasing communication with other Hispanic organizations both on and off campus to discuss common issues and models of success. (Previous Organization).

The Yale School of Medicine

Yale SNMA & LMSA The Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA, formerly known as BLHO; operating jointly with the Student National Medical Association, SNMA) is a student run group committed to developing a network for Latinx medical students at Yale by providing academic and social support. We strive to maintain a supportive and dynamic environment for Latinx medical students at Yale and to promote awareness about the cultural, political, and economic issues affecting Latinx health. We also work to highlight the contribution of Latinx physicians and scientists in the medical field and to encourage other minority students to enter the health professions by serving as their mentors.

The Yale Divinity School

The Yale Divinity Latino/a Association (YDLA)Yale Divinity Latinx Association seeks to create a space for students, faculty, and staff that fosters fellowship, encouragement and partnership within the Latinx community at YDS. YDLA is composed of anyone who self identifies as Latinx or who has close ties and connections with the Latinx community either through scholarship, parish ministry, or personal interest. YDLA offers the Latinx community a space and opportunity to raise their concerns, interests, and to begin conversations that pertain a wide variety of Latinx issues. YDLA also provides its members an opportunity to share and represent their community, culture, and interests with the rest of the YDS community. (Previous Organization).